Altair Lander


During my NASA career I worked on several projects integral to the Constellation program, this program involved the development of spacecraft, habitats, and booster vehicles to replace the space shuttle and send astronauts to the Moon. The 32ft tall Altair lunar lander, the main transport vehicle for the lunar-bound astronauts, was the primary focus for my group. The lunar habitat needed to be built & prepped for an upcoming evaluation, which entailed four test subjects living in the quarters for eight consecutive hours over a period of a week. 

During the evaluation rectangular and circular hatch designs were tested with manipulation to height, width, and step-over height. In addition, a value for overall height of the hatch was calculated, that is, the sum of step-over and hatch height. Twenty-one different configurations were tested.

In order for the suit entrance stand to be properly evaluated, we fabricated two full size P.L.S.S (portable life support system) to dimension and were used for the five-day evaluation period. FDM scale model of the Altair lander - this gives a good comparison of scale between the living quarters [right] and life-support systems in which they sit on. 2010.